Contracts Lifecycle Management

Offers end-to-end contracts processing that automates the entire workflow from creation or reception to renewal, closeout, and archiving

We at Beach Street are committed to making sure contract risk is as controlled as possible, while keeping process flexibility high and business impact low.

Key Features
Automated Contract Creation with terms replacement
Contract Case Management, versioning and collaboration
Automated Negotiation and Approval
Renewal Process automation, with notifications
Secure, providing access to contract documents and data to everyone who needs it, and no one else
Reports on in-process and executed contracts, terms data and process KPI's
Integration with system of choice for counterparty data
Why Beach Street?

Beach Street's Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution is the result of thousands of hours of R&D and customer implementations. Our base CLM Solution can be live and providing value within 8 weeks, providing ROI within a calendar year of go-live. Further, it can be extended to meet individualized customer needs.

Built with reliable EMC Documentum xCP© and EMC Captiva Capture© technologies, Beach Street's Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution is EMC Certified! This accreditation, along with availability of this solution on the EMC Select Pricing List, were awarded after an in-depth design review and rigorous testing by EMC and an independent third-party organization.

For more than 10 years, Beach Street has helped dozens of clients automate business process around their contracts and related content.

Contact us to learn how we have successfully partnered with our clients in the enterprise content management arena and how we can help your company.

Beach Street provides industry specific experience you can rely on. Clients benefit from our best practice knowledge in industries ranging from healthcare to financial services.
Beach Street service offerings come with the backing of best practices from successful engagements.

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For more information on the Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution including key benefits and design flow, please read Conracts Lifecycle Mangement Overview.

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